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Our partners, including renown Woodbury Products, aid our beneficiaries to save big and save often! Join now for a FREE Legacy kit mailed to your registration address! Other benefits include:

  • Hundreds of coupons to use every week at your local grocery
  • Unlimited discount codes for online shopping
  • Exclusive discounts for specialty medical products and devices
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  • Weekly postings of new information on keeping an independent lifestyle.
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It is the mission of the National Independent Lifestyle Association (NILA) to enhance the overall health and quality of life of the aging population, 50 years of age and older, throughout the United States by providing valuable news, information, events, and healthcare benefits to each of our members. Feel free to call us at (866) 960-0799 so we can help YOU live better!

Our Mission

  • Provide quality diabetic and general health news and information focused on the senior market in the United States
  • Aid all individuals in need of incontinence products with the most up-to-date and relevant information.
  • Research current incontinence, diabetic and senior health product trends
  • Organize special senior discounts
  • Create online resources in which seniors can interact with and utilize to enhance their personal lifestyle
  • Host and contribute to senior-focused events throughout the United States
  • Become unstoppable through self-improvement and an active lifestyle
  • Maintain your independence and your personal freedom
  • Triumph over incontinence, diabetes and enjoy your enhanced quality of life

About Us

The National Independent Lifestyle Association, commonly referred to as NILA, is an organization focused on the Medicare, incontinent, diabetic and general health issues faced by senior citizens. Through the use of our website at , we provide seniors throughout the United States valuable news and information on the topics they need to know about.

We are experts on incontinence products and their nuances; we can help guide you to choosing the most effective and comfortable incontence product for your lifestyle! If you are not currently a NILA member, please register today for your free membership, benefits and guidance on medical products.

Join online or pick up the phone and call now: (866) 960-0799. We look forward to sharing our product knowledge and expertise with you!

Our Founders

Joseph Ganem

Joseph Ganem

Founder and Executive Director
Catherine McVeigh Ganem

Catherine McVeigh Ganem

Membership Director

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